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Making Space

Edition of 3+1 AP (100x80 cm)

"Making Space" is a photographic research project created during a residency programme in the Zhejiang region, one of the richest regions of the People's Republic of China. This vast territory has witnessed major changes in recent times and I began by documenting the history and identity of the surroundings. At the heart of my research was interaction with the metamorphosis that's affecting this geography in the current stage of economic development. The process of urbanization is a recent phenomenon in China with important
and large-scale transformations leading to the development of satellite towns and rural areas , at times creating a single territory that knows no boundaries and identity. I observed these lands from the summit of new urban settlements, a vantage point that enabled a unique view and an unbiased perspective of daily life. Currently these are the areas that are most desirable to live and work in, emerging as the new places of community and integral to everyday living. The vision of the natural landscape, which traditionally has made this region noteworthy, is sometimes hampered by the wall-like barrier that often obstructs the view of the surrounding scenery rapidly taking possession of new spaces. These territories are undergoing continuous transformations with constant
changes in the social fabric defining new identities where cultural landscape and society intersect, creating a new vision of contemporary Chinese society.