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Enrico Abrate was born in Italy in 1971 and moved to London in the early nineties where he started his photography research. After graduating from KIAD, now the University for the Creative Arts, with first class honours, he continued to work on his research through personal projects and commissions documenting the everyday life of the man-made landscape of the metropolis and its changes in peripherals territories. With the most recent projects he investigated the anthropology of borderlands and the socio-cultural identity of urban space which outlines the contemporary city. Enrico returned to Italy in 2006, he lives and works in Milan.

Selected Exhibition

At work #2 The Old Bukowski, Fotobiennal Sweden - Malmo
Sono Stato li Spazio Gino Valle - Venice
Italians need food Enrico Abrate + Fotoromanzo Italiano, Spazio Ciasmo - Milan

Making Space Twenty Gallery - Bilbao
Group show - Bilbao Art District Festival - Bilbao

Focus on Life Getty Images Gallery - London
Worship Milan Hereford Photo Festival - Curator P. Seawright - Hereford UK
Paesaggio/Paesaggi il Veneto Orientale Museo del Paesaggio - Curator: G. Baldo - Torre di Mosto

Le cose e il paesaggio group exhibition - Curator: E. Turetti - Valcamonica

Situaction Private Flat #3 New form of contemporary Arts - Florence

Descubrimientos PhotoEspana 2008 Young Talent - Madrid
Morgue European Photography Festival 2008 Off - Galleria Antonio Ferrara - Reggio Emilia
Premio Arte Laguna Group Show - Venice
La Noche de PHE08 Plaza de Santa Ana - Madrid

Kaiback Galleria Zerologico - Milan
Manifesto Foto Festival of Visual Arts. Curator: R. Mutti - Clusone
Milan Slide Luck Pot Show Teatro Primo - Milan
Nightscapes Private Flat #3, New form of contemporary Arts -Florence

Nightscapes Spazio The Photographer - Milan
City Great Eastern Hall - London

Every man is an island Allegretti Contemporary Gallery - Turin
Fotoesordio Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna- Rome

88ma Collettiva Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. Curators: A. Vettese, M. Ferronato- Venice
Nightscapes Web Gallery Exhibition, www.virtualgallery.it
La Metamorfosi Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna - Pescara
Quotidiana 04 Museum Del Santo. Curatori: V. Baradel, G. Bartorelli e S. Schiavon - Padua
Profili Italian Cultural Istitute - Prova d’Orchestra Curator: S. De Bonis - London
Urbanscapes European Bookshop - London

Urbanscapes Italian Cultural Istitute - Prova d’Orchestra Curator: S. De Bonis - London
Saint Peter’s Project Italian Bookshop - London

Artshole Group Show Brick Lane - London

Cup of Tea Grafill Gallery - Oslo

En Masse Southwark Park Gallery. Curator J. Nelson, J. Lowry – London
En Masse George Rodger Gallery – Maidstone

Books and Catalogue

Hangzhou artist in residence, China - Catalogue 2012
Paesaggi/Paesaggio Exhibition catalogue writing by Roberta Valtorta - Cicero 2011
Le cose e il paesaggio A+M Bookstore Milan 2011
Descubrimientos Catalogue PhotoEspana - Madrid 2008
Frattura Scomposta Contemporary Art Magazine 2007 Italy
Interfacce Catalogue Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna Testi: C. Giovannella, A. Rorro, F.Vannucchi – Rome 2005
Ogni uomo e’ un isola Catalogue Galleria Allegretti. Testi L. Vona – Turin 2005
88ma Collettiva Catalogue Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. Testi: A. Vettese, M. Ferronato, G. Scardi - Venice 2004
La Metamorfosi Catalogue Museo d’Arte Moderna Vittoria Colonna - Pescara 2004
Quotidiana 04 Catalogue Museo Civico Del Santo. Testi V. Baradel, G. Bartorelli e S. Schiavon – Padova 2004


Hangzhou artist in residence, China.
Photographic research project in the Zhejiang region and presentation at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

Museo del Paesaggio e Fondazione di Venezia. Photographic research project on reclaimed land in the province of Venice, Catalogue and Exhibition writing by Roberta Valtorta. October 2011

Valle Camonica “Le cose e il paesaggio” sponsor by the Mountain Coltural District and Cariplo Bank Foundation to work on a photographic project in the valley. Book and exhibition curated by ElenaTuretti, Elio Grazioli and William Guerrieri.